The secret city in the clouds may actually where the uber wealthy are hiding


After photos emerged from China that appeared to show a city floating in the clouds, the internet predictably freaked out. Conspiracy theorists guessed that this was part of a major plot by NASA to use holograms to simulate the arrival of aliens on Earth or the second coming of Christ. Others said it was proof of a parallel universe. And science said it was a phenomenon called Fata Morgana when rays of light bend as they pass through air layers of different temperatures. Or something like that.

Our theory? That this is a secret city where the richest of the rich, rich people live in total seclusion from anyone else. After all, we know that trifling billionaires love living on the 97th floor. But what if there are people who are so rich, they don’t want to be held down by steel and concrete–they need to float on air waves high above our plebeian heads.

Even if we aren’t right, we wouldn’t be surprised if some developer tries to make this happen.