For $1.8M, you can buy a people aquarium in Dubai


Sleeping with the fishes just took on a whole different meaning.

A development company in (where else?) Dubai called The Floating Seahorse is now building some kind of three-story buoyant apartment, which features underwater rooms for you to stare at all the fish down below (or for them to stare at you). According to InsideHook, the pad costs $1.8 million and there are only a few left, so you better act fast! As the company helpfully points out, you can also rent your Seahorse out to other people who enjoy this concept–perhaps this will start a new company called Waterbnb.



The question is, if you are enclosed in glass, and the fishes are out there swimming free, then doesn’t that mean that you are in fact the one inside an aquarium? Is it possible that the fish are cleverer than we think they are and have finally figured out a way to enslave us? Something about this whole thing seems fishy.

  • Manny Rosen (dec’d)

    A life sized figure of Shelly Winters tethered just outside – whilst gently bobbing up & down with lifeless eyes staring inside – should effortlessly seal the deal.