You can now buy a $64 burger inspired by Basquiat on the Lower East Side

This burger is a whopper.

Apparently “artists” and “starving” don’t go together anymore. Case in point is a new burger from PYT Burger, the joint from Philadelphia, which just opened an upscale location on Bowery. PYT is known for doing silly things with food —like burgers that use a doughnut for “buns” and Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate made from “Chocolate ice cream, kahlua liqueur, patron xo liqueur, spicy mexican chocolate powder & whipped cream.” Ugh. New for its New York menu is the Basquiat Burger for $64. What’s the connection to the wildly creative artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat, who incorporated social commentary into his paintings and died of a heroin overdose at 27?

Location, it seems. PYT’s supplier, Japan Premium Beef, is in the nearby building on Great Jones Street where Basquiat worked and died. The burger pays tribute to the artist, according to Bedford and Bowery, and uses a special mix of American Kobe beef, spices and tiny little Basquiat paintings. We made that last ingredient up.

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