Breaking news: Extremely expensive art is now available to buy on the Upper East Side

Most of the time, those of us in the market for Medieval religious artifacts would need to travel to Europe to acquire them. But now, we are excited to announce that three European galleries, Galerie Brimo de Laroussilhe, Galleria Alessandra Di Castro and Galerie Kugel have banded together with the noble task of selling insanely rare and expensive antiques at the Academy Mansion on the Upper East Side. It’s a tough life, but someone’s got to do it.

Among the items for sale are an Egyptian statue from 3500 B.C. worth about $1 million; an antique selfie statue of Pope Pius VI from the day he was elected pope for 75,000 euros (about $85,000) (“He considered himself very handsome,” Di Castro told The Wall Street Journal); and, the most precious item of all, a Botticelli which is not priced yet at all.

If you don’t quite have the funds to spare on one (or all) of these works, you can still check them out; the gallerists say they will be nice to you even if you don’t buy anything — so generous.