Live large and green on the Upper West Side for $13.5 million: VIDEO

Get ready for a series of “bow chicka wow wow” moments: This walkthrough of an eco-friendly, gut-renovated Upper West Side five-level townhouse will certainly tingle you in all the right places. If the eucalyptus wood staircase doesn’t make you squeal, the durable ice stone counters — a combo of concrete and glass sourced locally from the Brooklyn Navy Yard — certainly will.

The owners (along with the designer Paul Gleicher) widened the doorways to provide a more open feeling throughout the home, which features a patio that can accommodate 10-15 people; walls made from clay from the Southwest which can help regulate the temperature; a bathtub (filled with rose petals in the video) with chromo-settings, that allow you to change the color of the tub depending on your mood. We suspect “blue” would never come into play when soaking in this dream home.

The oh-so-green cherry at the top?  A glass room in the sky overlooks the roof — a blanket of self-maintained plants that change color with the season.