The best bubbly now comes from England (yes, really!)


We’ve never doubted that Prosecco from Italy or Cava from Spain can often taste just as good as Champagne from France. But in the bubbly wars, there is a new sparkling beverage that rivals all of them, and it comes from *gasp* England.

Maybe we shouldn’t be all that surprised; after all, England is just 90 miles from France and has soil that is similarly suited for growing grapes. England has been growing grapes since Roman times, but now is experiencing a bit of a hey-day thanks to climate change. Though global warming is threatening to affect other areas that produce sparkling wine, it appears to be perfecting England’s land for vintners.

According to Vogue, in blind taste tests, experts are stumped by the British elixir. In fact, a large shipment from British wine producer Ridgeview has enchanted some American sommeliers. “At first, people weren’t sure it could be done,” says Tamara Roberts, whose father founded Ridgeview Estate in East Sussex. Now she is its CEO, “After the first couple of vintages, we thought, Yes, we can.”

So watch out world, these bubbles are ready to attack! “English bubbles are to Champagne as Oliver Cromwell was to Royalists,” joked sommelier Paul Grieco, “The old order will one day be turned on its proverbial arse . . . so get ready.”