Earn an A in school? You get a car!

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As if children today weren’t spoiled enough (seriously, they have Snapchat and emojis), now The New York Post reports that the richest of the rich kids also get presents in return for (not-even-so) stellar grades.

There’s the kid in Long Island whose dad bought him a Jeep Cherokee last year for his good grades because, as his dad put it, “Ryan needs that push more than the average student;” the 11-year old on the Upper East Side who will get a $400 Segway if she gets positive marks for class participation; a 6-year-old who got a shopping spree at the American Girl store after she was able to read “The Cat in the Hat” on her own; the middle schooler who was treated to a trip to Canyon Ranch; or, our favorite, the 36-year old woman (in therapy) who told her parents she would only get a job if they continue to pay for her $500 hair treatments.

But don’t worry, that’s not brattiness. According to some of the parents, they are proud of their children’s negotiating skills and think that it is, in fact, “entrepreneurial.”