This company knows that the entire reason you travel is to take good Instagram shots

Jump on in. The water feels fine. We are feeling the Emerald Coast froth. #elcaminotravel #nicaragua

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If you’re an actual celebrity, you complain about the paparazzi. If you’re not a celebrity but desperately want someone to take photos of you, you book a trip through El Camino Travel.

The travel company, whose tagline is “be a traveler, not a tourist,” organizes trips for young people mainly in South America. What sets them apart from other similar companies is that not only do they plan your itinerary, but they also have a dedicated photographer who travels with you and snaps photos of every Insta-worthy moment.  And if the description of an upcoming trip to Colombia is any indication, there will be many of them: “Travel to Cartagena and Medellin, Colombia with El Camino Travel and A Personal Photographer while discovering secluded beaches, savoring regional cuisines, and roaming coffee farms.” 

From browsing the photos, we wonder if there’s any kind of interview process to make sure you’re photogenic enough to be included in the trip: everyone seems to be thin and tan with perfect teeth and shiny hair. Since most people look like total ragamuffins when they travel, we can’t help but think a large part of this trip is spent prepping for the photographs. The one upside to this company that we can see is that according to an interview the founders did with Racked, participants on the trips tend to unplug from their phones because they know that their social media duties are being taken care of. Now that’s the ultimate luxury: to be so famous on social media that you don’t actually have to touch it.