Chanel is ageist, will no longer fix your bags if they are old

If there is any justification to be made for buying an obscenely expensive handbag, it may be that the luxury brands typically refurbish it and repair it for you when it gets worn down with age.

Well we’re sorry to announce that those good days are donezo — at least for Chanel, which is perhaps the most collectible of all these high-end brands. After rumors surfaced, Purseblog confirmed yesterday that as of October 1st, 2015 (so like more than three weeks ago), Chanel no longer refurbishes or refinishes bags more than five years old. And even if your bag is young and spry, you have to show proof-of-purchase from the Chanel store — so don’t even bother bringing your eBay splurge in to fix.

Bag afficionados are pissed, to say the least. Some choice comments:

I thought the whole point of paying 5k plus for a luxury bag is that its taken care of by the brand. What’s the point of buying new if they’re not going to take care of it past the 5 year mark? Chanel bags are lifelong investments – its a shame the brand doesn’t feel that way anymore (it may be time for Karl to go too)

Well, that does it for me. No more Chanel. I simply don’t have the patience for this complete disregard for their customers any more. The brand has now officially, in my opinion, gotten too big for its britches. This is by no means the only reason for me, but the final straw in one long string of ridiculousness from Chanel.

And, of course, the one person everyone else hates:

I like it. This will filter out all those ebay posers from the true list price owners. I like it. as for refurb. those with money dont use it that much, so they dont wear down – 5 years is nothing. mine still look great – as i rotate through many. i see no issue with this.

A Chanel bag used to be an investment, something you could always resell if times got hard or if you wanted to trade up to something else. With this decision, we aren’t sure if that’s true anymore: Chanel may have actually put themselves out of style.