See inside the amazing Malibu mansion John McEnroe just bought for $21 million


Screen-Shot-2015-10-28-at-12.14.52-PM-RecoveredJohn McEnroe, former No. 1 tennis player and tantrum thrower, has just purchased an incredible Malibu house for $21 million, Variety reports.

The 6,445 square-foot home has four bedrooms, four bathrooms (and three half bathrooms); walls of glass that face the ocean; a deck out of the master’s “suite” as well as one off of the living area that leads to the beach; a library; a wine room with bamboo floors (we guess that’s good); an elevator because former world-ranked athletes don’t do stairs; and a two car garage because this is California. It does not have a pool, surprisingly enough, but considering it is right on the ocean, we guess McEnroe felt it wasn’t totally necessary.

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McEnroe and his wife, Patty Smyth, the lead singer of the band “Scandal,” also own two other Malibu homes, according to Variety as well as a home in Southhampton. The couple has six children; let’s just hope he doesn’t get mad enough at any of them that he starts destroying things in this lovely home.

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    I used to live down the beach from this place. The house is okay but not really that special although the architect is Steven Ehrlich who has done some pretty decent buildings in SoCal. However, this one is somewhat dated in design. (And that location will be a bit precarious with this year’s big El Nino prediction)….. but what’s more interesting is the neighbor next door (note the creepy old Gothic Addams family house peaking out of the palms.) Hint: the secret second family of GG….