A beautiful new development in Singapore has gardens in the sky


If you think luxury office towers are too artificial and removed from nature, then boy do we have a building for you.

Unlike this monstrosity in Dubai, the rainforest at Marina One in Singapore will be outside — and therefore require slightly less environmental destruction to survive. In fact, according to the building’s architect, Ingenhoven Architects, the building complex will actually be environmentally friendly and has many energy saving features. It will consist of two residential towers and two office buildings, all of which will be flanked by “sky gardens.” Gustafson Porter, the firm which designed the atrium, says that these gardens will have “lush vegetation, spectacular waterfalls and calm reflecting pools.”



The complex will feature a number of restaurants, a fitness club, food court, supermarket and event spaces. So you basically never need to leave your house of office (or if you’re really lucky, both!) ever again.




And looking at this weather report, that might be a good thing.