This $115 million home in Bel Air has a 19-car garage


Though most New Yorkers turn to ash when they step foot in L.A., the Wall Street Journal reports that a development in Bel Air is charging upwards of $115 million for three homes that are being built right now as part of the Park Bel Air complex. Among the many fine features offered are a champagne room with bubbles in the walls and closets with cameras in them so you can see how you look from multiple angles.

The cheapest one of these homes — a regular steal at $115 million — is the first to be listed by Westside Estate Agency. For that price, you get a 42,539-square-foot main house with six en suite bedrooms (as well as a 15,418-square-foot guest house with five en suite bedrooms and four en suite staff rooms); three acres of land; views of the canyon and the city; an IMAX theater; fitness center; 2-lane bowling alley; elevators (yes more than one); an art vault; full-service spa; golf and race car simulator; an auto gallery that can fit 19 cars; and two pools for when one is not enough.




Yes, it’s all completely excessive. But then again, as one developer who is currently building a home in Bel Air that he plans to sell for $500 million, told the Journal, “Why would you not need four swimming pools?” Can’t argue with that logic.

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