The Dead King & I: Macabre Versailles exhibit focuses on Louis XIV’s death

Get ready for the perfect combo of ghoulish and historical Halloween fun.”Le Roi Est Mort: The King is Dead” is a new exhibition being held at France’s Palace of Versailles featuring a “veritable funeral opera”about the events surrounding the death of Louis XIV, according to the Observer.

Visitors with a morbid fascination about how Europe’s long-ruling monarch bit the dust can put the “fun” in “funeral” by viewing items on display like Louis’ coffin plaque; surgical instruments from the time period; ceremonial portraits; effigies and gravestones; gilded crowns, scepters and swords that probably made an appearance at his funeral ceremony; and even an account of Louis’ autopsy that details how his body was cut up into three sections before he was embalmed.

If that’s not enough, it’s all set to the funky beat of Philidor’s “Funeral March” — a decision no doubt made by the Italian opera director and set designer Pier Luigi Pizzi, who organized the show into nine creepy parts. Now that sounds truly to die for.

“Le Roi Est Mort” runs from October 27 to February 21st.