See inside Ellen DeGeneres’ carefully designed 26-acre horse ranch


Credit: Crazy Monkey, Inc.

Martha Stewart has some fierce competition. While we all know Ellen DeGeneres as a well-loved comedic TV personality, many may not have known that she is also the skilled interior designer.

Her design prowess was a longtime in the making. Over the last 25 years DeGeneres has bought and rejuvenated a total of 15 homes. In addition, in Martha-esque fashion she has recently launched the lifestyle collection ED. She also hosts “Ellen’s Design Challenge,” and has a line on QVC. In a recent Vogue piece, she says, “I think I wanted to be an interior designer when I was 13.”

With the release of her coffee table book, aptly named “Home” we get a glimpse inside seven of DeGeneres’ carefully designed homes, the latest of which is a 26-acre horse ranch just north of Los Angeles which she owns with partner Portia de Rossi.

The ranch was originally built by William Powell in the 1920s. It then lived many lives as a monastery, rehab center and then to house horses. Hot on the #cabinporn trend, the property is comprised of eight cabins and several barns and stables, with giant boulders scattered everywhere, so much so, that “the whole place looked like it belonged on another planet,” DeGeneres said.

The talk show host explains that it took a year to decorate the neglected ranch with painstaking attention to detail, restoring each cabin one by one.

All work and no play would make Ellen a dull girl, so she combined hard work with frivolity, making use of the land for fun diversions.

“While we lived on the ranch, we tried to make use of the entire property so we could enjoy the outdoors. We put in a tennis court and put up a badminton net. It was really fun, especially when I won. And if we didn’t have guests over we could always play doubles with the coyotes and skunks that roamed the property.”

Credit:  Crazy Monkey
Credit: Crazy Monkey
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