Become a human space heater with this bed from Japan


Meet the “kotatsu,” a bed from Japan that is sure to become your everything.

A sort of human toaster or barbecue, the bed is comprised of a heated blanket that traps warm air emitted from an electric or coal-burning source to keep you toasty warm. If the thought of “toast” makes you hungry, no worries; according to Bored Panda, it also comes equipped with a tabletop that is built for holding your tea mug (or your pizza pie, no judgements). And if you want to really jam out, there is plenty of room for friends under the covers.

Although this modern-day version may seem a bit over the top, its origins actually date back to 14th century Japan when people used to have warm air under a table come up through the bottom of their traditional robes. According to this website, where it appears to be for sale, you can buy one for the bargain price of 14,191 Yen (about $2,239.35).

Personally, we’re not quite ready to jump into bed with this contraption. In addition to the fact that it could set you on firewe are not keen on having crumbs getting caught in the covers.