Paris is going to get a hotel inside a Ferris Wheel

Photo: SCAU Architectes

Why have a room with a view when you could have a room with a view that moves?

That’s the thinking behind the French architecture firm, SCAU’s plot to build a “water wheel hotel,” or what is essentially a ferris wheel on the Seine, where you sleep in the pods. The Telegraph reports that the hotel would be powered by the current of the river, and would rotate once every 30 minutes.

Each pod will have a bathroom (we imagine all that rocking will make you want to go) and the barge that moors the wheel will have a bar, because what else are you going to do as you wait for your hotel room to descend? The structure is not meant to be permanent–but hey, neither was the Eiffel tower–and will cost only a few million euros to make. It may also end up in Bordeaux, where the bureaucracy is considerably less complicated than it is in Paris.

There will be 19 rooms on the wheel, each of which will cost around 300 Euros ($330) per night to sleep in. No word yet on whether there will be luxury suites.