Don’t-trend-on-me chic: 5 gorgeous and utterly remote homes

These homes scream, leave me alone
These homes scream, leave me alone

For millionaires who loathe human contact there are some pretty spectacular options out there. From eccentric fin-de-siles country houses to cliff top fortresses, these spectacular retreats are their own fiefdoms.

1. Sea View

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This may be our favorite on the list. Known as Sea View, this 13,000 square foot country home sits one mile outside the small Edwardian resort town of Seaview. To even access the island in the first place requires the use of a boat, ferry or hovercraft. And if people aren’t your thing, there is nothing to fear, as the entire island has a population of less than 140,000.

Designed by the Victorian architect S. S. Teulon for Sir Somerset John Gough-Calthorpe, Seventh Lord Calthorpe in 1870, the mansion was built in the French Renaissance style and features numerous art nouveau detalis. The house also boasts stained glass windows, a Minton tiled floor, plaster ceilings with cornicing, Mahogony doors with original brass door furniture, hardwood paneling and architraves.

But the kicker is the price, just £2.5 million (roughly $3.8 million).

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Woodlands Vale14.8ac579bf23ec8fa01c0e5206253eb83f

Woodlands Vale8.8ac579bf23ec8fa01c0e5206253eb83f

Woodlands Vale7.8ac579bf23ec8fa01c0e5206253eb83f

Woodlands Vale15.8ac579bf23ec8fa01c0e5206253eb83f

Sir Somerset John Gough-Calthorpe, Seventh Lord Calthorpe
Sir Somerset John Gough-Calthorpe, Seventh Lord Calthorpe

2. A historic estancia


This historic estancia is located on nearly 800 acres of land in the small town of Florida in southern Uruguay. The home dates from the 1880s and features seven rooms, two bathrooms and a care takers house. Technically, it is a working farm, but that part is up to you. You could just enjoy the silence.






3. Point Lynas Lighthouse

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Nestled into 17 acres of rocky headland, Point Lynas Lighthouse offers dramatic views of the Irish Sea. It is located at the north coast of Anglesey in Amlwch, Wales (a town of under 4,000).

The property has a main tower, a keepers house and two keepers cottages, with a total of nine bedrooms. All the structures are surrounded by a high castellated wall accessible only through an stone arched gateway. Good!


The interiors are…unpretentious


4. Chalet Tower

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If you really value Thoreau-like solitude, try living in a country most people have never heard of. This villa sits in the heart of the mountains of Pal, in La Massana, Andorra. The property is listed $27 million and includes only 8 acres. But never fear, thick woods surround it on all sides.

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5. Elliðaey, Iceland


This is the nuclear option for misanthropes. Located on a small and inhospitable island, is a small house of which little is known. According to Earthporm, the house might simply be used for storage, but the fact that nobody knows just proves our point.