World’s most expensive doll house to be displayed at (where else?) Time Warner Center


Yet another pricey property is having an open house at Time Warner Center. Only this time, it’s for dolls.

The most expensive dollhouse in the world — the Astolat Dollhouse Castle — is set to go on display at the TWC from November 12 through December 8. It’s the first time that the doll house has been viewed by the public since it was built in the 1980s.

Admission is free, though they are accepting donations for children’s charities. Worth an estimated $8.5 million, the dollhouse was modeled and named after the Castle in Tennyson’s “Lady of the Shallot,” and it took miniaturist Elaine Diehl 13 years to complete. It has since been updated with new furnishings (though they look a bit fussy to our eye), and weighs between 815 and 890 pounds depending what furniture is put into it.

There are 30,000 objects that can be displayed in the house, but only one third of them can fit in there at a time. While we aren’t sure where the rest of those objects live, we imagine there must be a Hamptons summer house full of doll-sized antiques somewhere. These items include oil paintings, fire places, gold minature jewelry, rare mini-books and fine rugs. 

The thing weighs between 815 and 890 pounds and it takes two days and eight people to put it back together once it’s moved. There are 29 rooms on seven levels, with a library, music room, a ballroom, a wine cellar, hallways, a basement and a wizard’s tower (!!).

No word on whether Masa will provide delivery service to the dolls.