See inside Queen Elizabeth’s super cozy apartment at Windsor Castle


Last week, Queen Elizabeth II had a very important meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key (best known as the prime minister who yanked a waitress’ “tantalizing” ponytail). The two exchanged awkward conversation about the Rugby world cup ( in which New Zealand beat Australia 34-17) and then the queen invited him into her sitting room at Windsor Castle — and therefore, kind of invited us to take a glimpse too. Watch the encounter here.

The queen apologizes for how “countrified” the situation is — since it is the weekend the royals are more informal. But now we can get a rare look at what the queen does when she’s just chilling with her dorgis (a daschund and corgi mix). There’s a crackling fire, cozy lamps, and, most exciting of all, a television set and remotes on her coffee table.

We all know the Queen loves nothing more than picking out historical inaccuracies in Downton Abbey. But what else does she watch? Is she a fan of Game of Thrones? What is her opinion about Jon Snow’s fate? The questions go on and on.