Will I marry someone rich? A sit-down with psychic Stacey Wolf


The world is a confusing place and sometimes we could all use a little bit of guidance from the beyond. Enter Stacey Wolf,  a New York-based psychic who has been reading tarot cards for 24 years. From her chic office in Chelsea (and over the phone), she attends to private clients and answers questions about everything from their love lives to whether the novel they’re writing will ever sell.

Wolf was also a style psychic for many years, working in malls and stores helping shoppers make decisions about which shoes or handbags to buy, and she is the author of five books, including “Never Throw Rice at a Pisces,” which is an astrological guide for brides who are planning their weddings. Not sure if you should get colored flowers at your bridal shower or if you should give a speech at your reception? This book will help you make such decisions.

As part of our interview, Wolf was kind enough to do my astrological chart and a tarot card reading for me. So what does my life look like?  I’m going to travel a lot and interview interesting people and also do less fun things like save money for my retirement. But most importantly, Jupiter is in my seventh house, which means that I’m “going to marry somebody who’s wealthy.” Now that’s a starry future indeed.

How did you get started as a psychic? 

I’ve been doing this for twenty-four years. I went to NYU, and then worked at MTV for almost four years. It was a recession when I left and I couldn’t find a job doing anything. PR, Advertising–I tried everything. I couldn’t even get a receptionist job. I was just reading tarot cards for fun, because when I worked at MTV, we all went to a tarot card reader. I was fascinated by it, and I thought, I’m going to figure it out. I’m going to figure out a modern way of reading these cards (because the way they were doing it was a little bit off).

So I started doing it, and people told me, ‘everything you said came true!’ And I was like, ‘get out of town, I’m making it up! I don’t know what I’m talking about.’ But after hearing that enough and not being able to get a job, I started working at nightclubs. That was how I made my rent when I was 26. I would sit in the back of the nightclub with my cards, and I would charge like five dollars a reading.


Have the questions people ask changed at all?

Not too much. People want to know about their career and their love life. I mean if people have health problems, and only when they have health problems, they ask about them. But I think most people are healthy and they assume they’re going to be healthy.

Can you talk about the style events you did? 

My joke is I’ve been in every mall in America. Maybe not every mall in America, but I’ve been in a lot of malls in America. I would either do shoe readings or handbag readings. I would have only two minutes with each person because it was a two-hour event and there might be forty people who want to speak to me. I would immediately be able to get your personality, and I’d be able to look at your handbag and tell you if it fit your personality, if I liked it for you. And why I didn’t. I loved doing this, and every time I said, I don’t like that handbag for you, every time –and it wasn’t very often because I think most people do match their handbags – the people would say, ‘oh it was a gift.’

The other thing I would do is guess your favorite handbag in the store. Like out of all of these handbags, I could say ‘have you seen this 1959 bag, because that bag you have to see.’ So then people would see that, and go, ‘yeah that is my favorite bag in the store.’ I would say, ‘this is your personality, this is what you need in a bag or a pair of shoes.’

When should someone go see a psychic? 

It’s really helpful to want to know something, to have a pressing need. People who come for sessions because they have a lot of changes in their life, or they want to find a guy, or they want to start a business, or they are wondering if they should move, those meetings are always really amazing. Those people really have an opportunity to create change in their lives. But people who come out of curiosity, it doesn’t really work the same way. When people come because they just want to be entertained, it doesn’t have the same intensity I find.

Here’s the other piece of advice I’d give people. No one should accept advice or insights that make no sense to them. A good psychic tells you something that already resonates with you, something that you already know.

How often do your clients come to see you?

Often, they come once every couple years. Maybe once a year, maybe once every few months. I have some people I speak to once every four months while they’re going through something, and I don’t hear from them for a number of years after that once it’s over. So it really varies.

Have you had any celebrity clients? 

I’ve had a few, but I prefer not to name them.

Do they ask different questions than other people? 

Not really. People are curious about their love life and their career. People want to know when they’re going to meet the right person, and when they’re with the right person the next question is when they’re going to have kids, and the next question is how the kids are going to do in life. I’ve had thousands and thousands of clients, from all cities, from all walks of life, from all towns in America, everybody from students to housewives, to professional people, and I think that the primary thing people want is meaning in their lives. People want to be content, they want to be happy, they want to do things, but I think that people want to know that their life means something, and that they’re doing something that feels valuable.

What if you have bad news for them?

There’s a way to say everything, I always put a positive spin on things. Because everything is always empowering. There’s always a way out, there’s always a lesson, there’s always empowerment, there’s always freedom. There’s always something.

Interview has been edited and condensed. 

If you’re interested in getting your own fortune told, you can reach out to Wolf here. She charges $450 for 50 minutes or $305 for 30 minutes in person, and $400 for 50 minutes or $275 for 30 minutes on the phone.