It’s hard being rich: Upper East Siders get more massages than any other type of New Yorker

Making millions isn’t easy — just ask anyone who lives on the Upper East Side.

Stressed out 1%-ers in the neighborhood receive more at-home massages than any other type of New Yorker, DNA Info reports. In fact, residents of the fancy hood book 15% of all at-home massages in the city — especially zip code 10021, which runs from 69th to 76th Streets and is responsible for 7% of all massage requests in the borough.

As an economic analyst who helped conduct the study points out, it may not be that the rich are so stressed, but rather that they can afford to pay for the massages in the first place. “Massages are a luxury item that you consume when you have a high degree of disposable income. In particular, therapists that come to your residence… are more in demand by wealthier individuals. You have to have a certain sort of lifestyle to desire that,” he said. Um, we think that anyone with any lifestyle would “desire” an at-home massage — they just aren’t able to afford them.

At any rate, the Upper East Side is not the number one area for requested massages in the country. That dubious honor goes to the Jersey Shore, where body oil and partying clearly is hard on the shoulders.