This party in Paris takes masquerade to the next level


The French really know how to capture joie de vivre!

An opulent four-night Venetian-style masquerade party will be held in a super-secret location in Paris in late January, and it promises both mystery and intrigue. Party planning firm “We are the oracle” or “WATO” hopes to recreate the frivolity of Renaissance-era Venice in Paris with the event called “Venice sous Paris” (literally, “Venice under Paris”). The group will guide young, masked Parisians cloaked in ornate garb through the city’s underground canals in small boats. Live theater and music will pop up along the route.


According to The Daily Mail, the city has granted permission for this ultimate costume party with one caveat: WATO must sell enough advanced tickets — at $55 a piece — prior to November 16th.

If you’re interested in participating, you can purchase your tickets here. If you don’t think you’ll be able to travel all the way to Paris, but do want to witness the city morph into a makeshift “Eyes Wide Shut” set, then sit back and peruse this video teaser — no mask required.