The New York Times notices that Tribeca is expensive


Anyone who has not been living in a frozen tundra for the past twenty years knows that the city’s favorite trianglular neighborhood, Tribeca, is absolutely brimming with rich moms pushing $5,000 strollers on their way to Soul Cycle class.

Apparently, the New York Times has been living in that tundra. In their Real Estate section this week, they actually published an article that declares — in the headline — that Tribeca is “not for starving artists.” Yes, this is news.

That quote comes courtesy of Deborah Lupard, a broker who is exactly the type of person we all hate for buying her Tribeca pad in the 1990s for $330,000. She casually speculates that “I could probably sell it for $3 million or more.” Good for you.

They also interview a young finance family who moved to the neighborhood and finds it “pretty remarkable” that other yuppies decided to live there too as well as an interior designer who credits the neighborhood’s revival to the local Whole Foods, “That was a catalyst,” he remarks.

Of course, some residents wish the neighborhood was able to accommodate more than just 1%-ers, but that’s not how the world works.  “It would be nice to have more affordable housing, more diversity, but development is driven by the market,” said the chairwoman of the community board’s TriBeCa committee.

Must be hard for them.