Birds, plaid, and next generation art: a look at the best party photos of the week

1) The New Museum continues to look for the next best thing; no surprise, they had their “Next Generation” party at a bathhouse.

2) Fancy people trampled on art in the Egyptian wing of the Met to raise money to conserve art.

3) System Magazine — aka the fashion magazine that enigmatically gets all the best scoops — had a party for how badass it is at the Carlyle.

4) The Dia Art Foundation had its annual gala and everyone wore appropriately artsy clothes.

5) Raf Simons partied like it was time he was going to be creative director of Dior at the Guggenheim International Gala and its pre-party.

6) Lots of artists you don’t know partied at the Artists We Know event.

7) There was no shortage of plaid and tweed at the Polo party for Athlete Ally.

8) Birds of a feather were in full flock at the Audubon New York 2015 Keesee Award Luncheon.

9) Successful people got a nice reminder of how successful they are by — who else? — the Wall Street Journal at their Innovators Award Luncheon.