Auctioneers, canoes in the bathroom, and art: “At home” around the world this week


1) This Manhattan apartment looks like a circus tent in the best possible way.

2) The bathtub is a canoe in this Paris apartment, which is filled with weird art.

3) An upstate farmhouse that’s been updated so that it doesn’t look at all like a farmhouse.

4) The prettiest house in Woodside, Queens belongs to the artist Zhang Hongtu.

5) Don’t look too closely; almost everything in this Bronx apartment used to be something else.

6) An Australian landscape architect forewent his beautiful native beaches for — Long Island?

7) Restauranteur Caroline Styne gives a tour of her Los Angeles home and (no surprise) it has a nice kitchen.

8) Ever wonder what happens to the odd items that don’t sell at auction? They end up in this auctioneer’s house.