California is king, pushes NYC down the list of nation’s priciest zip codes: MAP

Every year, Forbes’ list of the most expensive zip codes in the country is somewhat predictable: New York, California, Colorado and the occasional wild card (Florida) always top the list.

This year, however, we noticed a pretty significant shift; New York City only grabbed two of the top ten slots — down from six last year. California was the big winner this year, grabbing four slots up from a measly one last year. What to make of this? Is New York real estate getting cheaper (unlikely)? Or is California just getting even more outrageously expensive?

Where the most expensive zip codes are in New York has changed too, with the concentration of wealth moving downtown. The two zip codes in the city that made the top ten list this year are both downtown (10012 and 10013), covering the neighborhoods Tribeca/Soho/Noho/Nolita (yes, those are four neighborhoods, but zip codes don’t follow neighborhood lines). The zip code 10065, which covers the east 60s, moved to 15th place this year ,despite having come in first in 2012. In the suburbs, Alpine, New Jersey moved to 12th place and Sagaponack out in the Hamptons maintained its number two spot.

Check out our map below to see how New York City’s presence on the top ten list has shifted over the past five years.

(Note: we also included Long Island in our map; zoom out to see how zip codes on the island have shifted over the years).