Inside the world’s largest doomsday bunker for billionaires

The rich just keep getting richer. But despite their bottomless spoils, the widening gap between rich and poor has some billionaires shaking in their million dollar boots. Is the revolution nigh, they wonder?

These are not idol thoughts. The super-rich are proving that by spend tens of millions on luxury doomsday bunkers.

While the surface of the planet devolves into a Mad Max-like wasteland, some distinguished survivors will be cozied away in underground layer beneath the Czech Republic. Known as the Oppidum, the facility is surrounded by high walls and is not visible at ground level, according to Forbes. But carved deep into the mountainside is a vast 323,000-square-foot doomsday shelter – the largest in the world.

The compound is protected by layer-upon-layer of high-security. Residents enter by descending through a secret corridor sealed with a blast door. The process is designed to take less than a minute.

Inside the compound boasts two levels totaling 77,500 square feet of living space with 13-foot high ceilings. The “penthouse” unit features 6,750 square feet, while the six other units have 1,720 square feet.

Earlier this year, a similar concept called Vivos Europa One was launched in Germany in a former Cold War munitions storage complex. The units are expected to cost into the tens of millions of dollars.