Millionaires are living in trailer parks in Malibu

Apparently, California real estate is so expensive that even millionaires are living in trailer parks.

That’s what’s happening in Paradise Cove, the über expensive enclave of millionaires in Malibu who have decided — just for funsies — to live in a trailer park on the beach. The Times profiled the neighborhood this week, and it is filled with about as many California clichés as you can possibly imagine, including surfboard makers, sea-grass walls and worn duffel bags.

‘‘I was really careful not to lose the vibe,’’ said one guy who owns a company that makes cashmere beanies and sweatshirts, who is proud that he left his trailer looking appropriately scruffy. ‘‘You can’t buy this feeling.”

Well, actually you can. Not only do these trailers sell in the millions, but there’s a limited supply of them –265 to be exact. Of course, many of the residents do not really live there full-time — only when they feel like roughing it.

But when they do head down there, they all love it so much for its sense of “community” and also, as one interior designer resident so eloquently put it, ‘‘You see the beautiful kids coming home from the beach, all piled onto a golf cart. It’s like an Abercrombie & Fitch ad come to life.’’ Now that’s priceless indeed.