You can now buy a car from a giant vending machine in Nashville

Buying a car is usually a terrible and unpleasant endeavor. But what if you could buy one as easily as you buy your M&Ms? That’s the thinking behind a new concept dealership in Nashville from Carvana where the cars are all stored in a giant vending machine. Simply order your car online (paying real money), pick up a special coin at the dealership, plunk it in the machine, and then, voila! You have a car!

Watch it in action here:

The machine can fit about 20 cars in the glass tower, and Carvana is quick to point out that, sadly, “You Can’t Shake It For A Free One.” VW has a similar set-up in Germany which is much bigger, but it isn’t coin-operated (and therefore, no where near as much fun).

This vending machine trend certainly makes the car-buying process a lot easier, but it’s still not as much great as Oprah giving you a free one.