Crazy things rich people have asked their party planners to do for them

Imagine the most ridiculous party you’ve ever been to. Now quadruple it.

Vanity Fair recently asked a group of party planners to recount the most extreme things they’ve ever done for a party, and their tales are more entertaining than the parties probably were.

There’s the chef who spent two months in a villa in Tuscany preparing the menu for a wedding; the client who accused the publicists’ contractor of stealing his weed — which they then had to promptly replace; the woman who was demanded that no one in her bridal party encountered any other weddings in a small, beach-front town where many other people were getting married; and the party planner who managed to track down a snow machine for P. Diddy’s birthday party in an hour and a half.

Of course, the winner for most absurd request goes to none other than Justin Bieber, who once called the tattoo artist Bang Bang to inform him, “I just got out of jail, man. I’m in Panama. I want to get tatted.” He then flew Bang Bang down to Panama (the country, not the city in Florida), where he got a cross tattooed on his chest. Later, while they were all flying on the Biebs’ private jet, he got the word “Forgive” tattooed on his hip.

Foreshadowing for “Sorry”? We think so.