This Texas ranch is selling for $725M (yes, you read that correctly)

For any billionaires who prefer to look out over their kingdom and see…no one at all, might we suggest this ranch in Texas, currently on the market for $725 million.

What on earth could justify that price? Namely, the oil and the oil equipment that is on the land, which spans 510,527 acres and six counties (almost the size of the entire country of Luxembourg, and larger than New York City and Chicago combined).

The property has been in the same Waggoner family since 1849 (the year of the gold rush!). Like the small country it is, it has “several huge lakes,” a staff of 120 to run the operations, 30,000 acres of workable farmland, 7,500 head of cattle, and, because this is Texas, 20 cowboy ranches.

Perhaps the most surprising thing? There are actual bidders on the property! Fortune reported in October that about 50 prospective buyers had viewed the property, and 12 of them had submitted offers. They expect a deal to be finalized by the end of the year, when it will be announced with a lot of fanfare.