Forget iPhones. Vertu is marketing a $20k luxury smartphone: VIDEO

The Rich Kids of Instagram love to show off how the buy, abuse and lose the iPhones. But they have nothing on Vertu’s luxury smarthone.

“The concierge service is an intrinsic part of the brand proposition,” Gordon Watson, vice president of sales at Vertu, tell Bloomberg. That’s an annoying way of saying that you are paying for a concierge service, not a phone, to the tune of $6,080 a year.

The concierge is basically an offsite “personal assistant” who is available 24/7, no matter where you are in the world, in seven languages.

Also contributing to the phone’s extraordinary cost is its materials: titanium, sapphire, ceramics and alligator on the back. “These people [Vertu’s customers] are looking for something out of the ordinary,” Watson says. That is, of course, be definition true, since paying $20,000 for a cellphone is certainly not ordinary.

And if you thought $20,000 sounded like a steep phone bill, it gets worse. After 18 months the company charges a renewal free of roughly $3,000.

Still, you are at least getting something handcrafted. Each of the phones is assembled by hand in a factory 30 minutes outside London. The engineers even lazar engrave their signatures inside the phone. Because why shouldn’t your phone have a hallmark?