Magician Uri Geller’s $22.8 million estate will make you believe in Voldemort

Uri Geller, the Israeli magician and psychic best known for bending spoons on TV, has just listed his estate in Sonning-on-Thames, England, for £15 million, or about $22.8 million, The Daily Mail reports. And it is super weird.

Even if Geller doesn’t really possess magical abilities (as many of his critics claim), he certainly does have pretty otherwordly taste. His 12,000 square foot Greek Revival home where he has lived for 35 years has many odd items like 40-million year old crystals; a brown sofa that Michael Jackson liked to meditate on; a red pyramid where Geller brings terminal children once a year and tries to help them think positively; plants from all over the world; toilets that ask you what your preferences are for position and pressure, and then will wash and dry you; a parking garage with room for 30 cars; a Cadillac covered in bent spoons; and, of course, a helipad.

Perhaps to no one’s surprise, he modeled the home after the White House. “Magic emanates from the house,” he told the Mail. Well something certainly does.