You can’t sit with us! The rich and famous will get a separate terminal at LAX

Has anyone ever looked this fabulous at the airport?
Could anyone else ever looked this fabulous at the airport?

For rich people who are not quite rich enough to fly private, the security lines at the airport have always been the great equalizer. Even if you’re flying first class, you had to stand in line with the rest of us poor saps, waiting your turn to be felt up by a TSA officer.

Well this week, the folks at LAX decided to put an end to that equality. The Board of Airport Commissioners unanimously approved a decision to build a terminal where cars can drop off their riders behind closed doors, the Guardian reports. While this is mainly meant to avoid paparazzi who love to take snaps of Julia Roberts in her sweatpants and neck pillow, it is also available to anyone who feels like spending an extra $1,500-1,800 on their trips. For that money, you can lounge in an executive lounge, eat fancy catered food and use special security lines. You only need to take 66 steps to get to your plane, as opposed to the 2,200 most people normally have to take.

The only question is, will the Kardashians use this terminal? Or will they continue to avail themselves of every possible opportunity to appear on camera? Only time will tell.

  • LynnM

    The Kardashians will do anything to get their picture in the tabloids

  • Snidely Whiplash

    The Kardashians will wait to be felt up by TSA like everyone else.

  • Christopher Johnson

    shorter distance easy access with just some extra money in the pocket. Sounds perfect for a target. I can see the headlines now. Members of the Kardashian’s killed and others held hostage by Terrorists.

  • Tawrens

    They already do have separate seating with the 1st class lounge. I don’t care if they build it only if they pass the buck for building onto me. It’s for the rich and famous let them pay for it.

  • Blinknone

    In soviet California, everyone is equal. Its just that some people are more equal than others.

  • jstbngmyslf01

    flight fares ,,,, going up for all, to pay for it…..