Where are the most expensive rental buildings in the city right now? MAP

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On the heels of our map last week of the most expensive sales listings in the city, we present you with today’s trickier map of the most expensive rental buildings.

Why was this one trickier? Well for starters, not all of the most expensive rentals in the city are listed in Streeteasy; many of them are hotel rooms that charge per night, but don’t have a monthly rate (at least one that is listed). The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Mark Hotel, for instance, goes for $75,000-per-night, but the hotel does not list the room as a monthly rental (if it did, a 31-day stay would cost $2,325,000, leaving every other rental on our list in the dust). With the exception of the Lowell Hotel Suite, which the Wall Street Journal reported yesterday will charge $300,000-per-month, we stuck to Streeteasy’s data. The other element that made this map tricky was that many of the rentals are listed in the same buildings (157 West 57th Street and 100 East 50th Street, for instance, had multiple listings). To show a larger range of where the most expensive rentals are located in the city, we counted each building only once, highlighting the most expensive rental that is listed in that building.

What were our results? The Upper East Side had a whopping 35 rentals of the 100, with 18 of those concentrated in the Lenox Hill area, which stretches from 60th to 72nd street from Fifth to Lexington. Midtown followed far behind, with 11 rentals and Lincoln Square had nine (including ones in 15 Central Park West and the Time Warner Center). Soho and Tribeca each had 10 rentals, which is fairly impressive considering how small they are, while the much larger Upper West Side only had two (the same amount as Gramercy).

The most expensive rental on our list? Definitely the 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel, which rents for $500,000 per month. We aren’t sure anything in the world is worth that price, but it is definitely beautiful.