You are probably not fabulous enough to attend this exclusive new workout class

Paris, October. #SBC

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While the name may sound misogynistic, “Skinny Bitch Collective,” [SBC] a new and highly-selective fitness class, is anything but, claims workout master Russell Bateman.

In a recent interview with the Post he explains that while SBC is not exclusively for the fairer sex, his ultimate goal is to help woman look the best they can in the healthiest way possible. “Female wellness is far more important to me, as I believe there’s way too much crap out there that women are fed about how to train and eat right,” says the guru.

Bateman is a 35-year old trainer (we suspect may be related to the more-famous Patrick) started his exclusive exercise class in London over two years ago and has now ventured to New York for a limited time. The instructor’s invite-only classes were held at places like Le Bain and Peak Performance in the Flatiron District up until this weekend. Not just anyone was allowed to attend. And from the looks of his popular Instagram page — which has 84,800 followers — beautiful women seem to literally be bending over backwards and falling over each other to attend.  

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“They normally say they know a class member and then we start a conversation,” says Bateman, who ultimately decides who can participate. While he won’t state his criteria, being a part of his social circle doesn’t hurt — neither does a pretty face.

Devotees include: actress Suki Waterhouse (who inspired the technique when he began working out with her one-on-one), singer Elie Goulding and model Edie Campbell.

Although much of what the class is about is shrouded in mystery (including its price, which Bateman says is between $40 and $60), he will say this, ““It’s addictive. People travel from all over the world to come take part in London. It’s a constantly evolving experience, to be honest. My class is never the same.”

And clearly it takes a (skinny) bitch to know one; Bateman may very well be as intense as his workouts. He churlishly explains, “If you are invited to a class, you either take the slot or you might not get another invitation.”