Mothers, daughters and museums: a look at the best party photos of the week


1) Fun was had by all at the Natural History Museum’s annual gala. But actually, it really was fun — the cast of SNL was there.

2) The Costume Institute had a party for its latest show, “Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style.” Jacqueline de Ribes did not attend.

3) The Anti-Defamation League had a party to honor François-Henri Pinault (a.k.a the guy who has the honor of being married to Selma Hayek).

4) Hollywood people wore black to celebrate the fashion designer Jennifer Meyer’s floral designs.

5) Celebrities gathered in the beautiful Metropolitan Pavilion, which had been transformed into a gallery space with Warhols on the wall. A very appropriate setting for the New York’s Coalition for the Homeless benefit.

6) Cate Blanchett reminded everyone what a queen she is at the MoMA Film Benefit that was given in her honor.

7) Fabulous mothers and their (slightly less) fabulous daughters partied at the late Linda McCartney’s Mother Daughter exhibit

8) How are you feeling? This museum knows. Like actually.