This handbag scolds you for spending too much money


For those who always suspected that their Hermès bag “speaks” to them, here is a purse that literally can. A new handbag created by students at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design at the University of Dundee threatens to be the voice of reason to shopaholics. When sensors inside the bag detect that your credit card has been removed from it, the bag will audibly pepper you with questions (via a concealed sound system) designed to make you ascertain if you “want” something, as opposed to “needing” it, such as “Do you really need this?” and “You’re already in your overdraft.”

British newspaper, The Courier, reports that the cheeky, yet practical, carry all therapist mashup speaks in a theatrical Cockney accent which gets loud and louder until you return your credit card to your wallet –hopefully — unused.

“The project aims to make people consider what they already own and whether they need to buy more. Consumerism is all about presenting yourself favorably and the bag does the opposite by embarrassing you in public,” explains Leanne Fischler, one of the three students who worked on the bag.

Ironically, if you want to run out right now and buy one, think again. While the mouthy brown leather bag may seem like the perfect present for the person in your life with everything, “This is a one-off bag designed to create meaningful conversation – it’s not for selling,” explains Fischler.