Want to do something good for your health? Take this boat to Antarctica

Skip the gym membership you’re never going to use anyway; if you really want to keep your New Year’s Resolution to be healthy next year, all you have to do is book a trip on this boat! The Ocean Endeavour claims to be “the only polar adventure ship in Antarctica focused on health and wellness,” and it actually sounds kind of fun.

The ship offers many wellness activities and features, like a spa with organic products, saunas, a salt water pool, gym, smoothie bar, yoga and stretching classes; programs you can take in things like “Polar Photography” and “Scientists in Residence,” where you learn about the wildlife and history of the arctic; adventure activities such as kayaking, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking. Don’t worry, they also serve wine at ever dinner so you don’t get too healthy.

There’s also a “polar library” and a “polar boutique,” where presumably they sell polar bear stuffed animals. The boat takes a number of different’ trips; one sample itinerary includes visiting penguin rookeries (aw!) and taking Polar plunge swims (eek!).

Big surprise, all this healthiness ain’t cheap. For the upcoming trip to Antarctica from December 4-December 14, the cheapest room (which is no longer available) is $5,495 per person for a single bed in a cabin with three other people, while the most expensive cabin — the “Owner’s Suite”– is $27,190 for two people or $23,110 for one. For that price, you get 320-square feet, two bow-facing windows, a little sitting room and a bathtub. Here is a picture of the glory:

Not exactly the Four Seasons, but it is fair to say that that velvet blanket sure looks like it would come in handy in Antarctica. Brrrrrr.