Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson is being sued for making too much noise

Celebrities may feel better after an exercise class at Tracy Anderson’s studio at 408 Greenwich Street in Tribeca, but the residents of the building sure don’t. The condo board is suing the fitness studio —  beloved by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna — for making so much noise that it is “depriving” residents “of their sleep and literally [causing] the Building to sway back and forth.” Maybe they should try buying the goop Flight Pack for $185 from Gwyneth Paltrow’s site? It comes with ear plugs!

Joseph Scarpinito, the developer-turned-film-producer who was permanently barred in 2014 from selling condos after he was accused of fraud, is the plaintiff in the lawsuit. He claims that the noise is causing him “to feel physically ill, anxious, frustrated, irritable, and angry.” We would think Anderson of all people would understand why he’s upset; in a recent interview she did with The Cut, she urged people to find wellness in their life and “be your own health cheerleader.” Even if it means going to court!

Scarpinito used an acoustical expert to support his testimony who “swears in her affidavit that, in her over thirty years of experience, she has “never seen anything this extreme.”

A two-bedroom apartment on the fourth floor of the building is currently listed for $8 million. Apparently it has enough space to store 700 wine bottles, which doesn’t even sound like enough to survive the earth-shattering noise from below!

According to the New York Post, Tracy Anderson is going to move to a larger studio space down the block, though there is no official move date set yet.