Bucket list alert: Yearlong trip around the world is now being offered for $75,000

The Door to Hell in Turkmenistan, a truly “unique” #travel experience. #IntrepidTravel

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Fantasizing about dropping everything and becoming a globetrotter is nothing new. But now for the first time, travel firm Intrepid Travel has put that dream within reach by planning out the entire adventure for would-be explorers.

This yearlong trip around the world for 22 adventurers is really all about math: a 365-day trip, spanning 34 countries across five continents is a mere $75,000. While the total may be a little off-putting at first, when broken down, at $205 per day, it is actually quite the bargain. As the New York Post points out, it costs less than an average night in a Manhattan hotel.  

Not only does the fee include all accommodations (a combo of hotels, hostels and camping) but most meals.While the majority of overnight stays are in hotels (174 nights) or camping (99 nights), for those into roughing it and craving authenticity, there will be five overnights spent on buses. On other end of the travel spectrum, some noteworthy lodging includes a night spent in the Sahara Desert in Morocco, a stay in a villa on Lake Titicaca and camping on the Antarctic Peninsula.

In addition, the group will visit Machu Picchu, eat their way through Buenos Aires and take in the enchanted views of Mount Everest during the trip’s trek through China, Nepal and India. Other stops include Petra, Jordan, Hanoi, Vietnam, Cairo and Mexico City.

Those into spending a year with a bunch of strangers in tight quarters should act soon: The trip begins in Bangkok on February 3, 2016 and ends in Buenos Aires on February 2, 2017.