This underwater tennis center in Dubai is probably never going to happen (but it’s cool anyway)


If you aren’t satisfied living in a people aquarium in Dubai, then just take a look at this underwater tennis court.

The Polish architect Krystztof Kotala revealed plans to build the structure underwater in the Persian Gulf (with the Burj Al Arab hotel in the background). It would house seven courts and be designed to appear like a coral reef from above. Just in case anyone thought it was artificial or anything.


Sadly, there are a number of problems with this plan, not least of all the cost to build it, which is estimated to be $1.7-$2.5 billion (and no one’s investing). Sarah Fray, director of engineering and technical services at the Institution of Structural Engineers in London, told MailOnline that the curved glass necessary to house the structure would weigh about 100 tons. She also pointed out it that it would need to withstand earthquakes and tsunamis and be clearly marked from above so boats don’t drop an anchor on it and break the roof. Not to mention, the refracted light from above might get in the players eyes and make it harder for them to, you know, actually play.

Though, let’s face it, watching tennis won’t be why anyone actually decides to visit this.