Say howdy to this glitzy Texas mansion

If you’re too poor to afford a Texan ranch for $725 million, but are committed to living in the Lone Star state, then don’t despair because we have a super glitzy and lavish listing in Austin that you will absolutely love (or at least, love to hate).  And guess what? It’s only $14.8 million!

Curbed spotted the listing first, which, as they aptly put it “is the Texas mansion to end all Texas mansions.” One look at the glitzy photos and we’d have to agree.

What makes it this way? Well first let’s start with its size — this is the land of bigger is better after all — which is an incredible 19,000 square feet. It has nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms (including guest quarters and living space in the helicopter hangar. And yes there is a helicopter hangar), swim up bar, a hot tub and spa, a boat house with a roof deck, 10 acres of land and — the best part — 587 feet of waterfront property.