Gobble up this $125,000 tin of caviar


Feeling generous this holiday season? Why not splurge on this special-order 22-pound tin of caviar, which costs a whopping $125,000 from the legendary French brand, Petrossian.

While that seems crazy, a  “Caviar Concierge” from Petrossian told LLNYC that a giant order like that is not at all unusual, noting that he processes VIP requests all the time. One customer frequently orders “tens of thousands” worth of caviar sent to whichever dock he is sailing his yacht to, so that it will be waiting for him when he arrives; another customer, who the concierge identified as the heiress to a large tobacco fortune, just had her chef order $40,000 worth of caviar for the holidays.

“It’s nothing to them, it’s like ordering delivery from Groupon,” the concierge said.


Such a large order cannot be made online (we tried!), but needs to be called in specially. For these VIP orders, which come in almost daily, Alexandre Petrossian himself personally selects the caviar that will be used, tasting it to make sure it is the very best quality. Three other people are then involved in making sure it is delivered to the proper person (the shipping manager, the caviar manager and, of course, the caviar concierge).

CBS did a behind-the-scenes feature with Petrossian, where they noted that all of the company’s caviar now comes from farm-raised fish. Alexandre Petrossian was quick to point out that it tastes (almost) the same. “I think only a handful of people would be able to recognize which one is wild and which one is farm-raised,” he said.

Obviously the 1% hasn’t noticed much of a difference because they’re still ordering the stuff like mad; further proof that all the money in the world doesn’t buy you taste.