There are approved plans to build a hotel underwater (and it’s not in Dubai)


How fresh do you like your fish?

The designs to build the first underwater hotel in the world have just received a patent, fulfilling a wish you never even knew you had. “You can scuba, hookah and snorkel and most importantly enjoy the underwater view with your significant other,” Tony Webb, the managing director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, told Fox News. Obviously no life is complete without smoking hookah underwater.

The hotel, which would be built in Florida and then towed to Cuba, would feature a cocktail bar, a dining room that serves “gourmet food,” and a “special outside colored lighting system” to supposedly attract marine life. (It should be noted that the website is written in very poor English). If you freak out when you are 28 feet under the water, you can simply press a button for an elevator that will bring you back to the surface. The rooms will cost a nightly rate between $3,000 to $6,000.


Similar plans have been conceived of in — where else? — Dubai, where it seems to be a bit of a craze to build stuff underwater (in just the past two months, there have been plans to build an apartment and a tennis court underwater in the city). However, none of the hotel plans have come to fruition; the Hydropolis Underwater Hotel was in the works for a long time, though it was never built, and in 2012 Drydocks World announced plans to build a “Water Discus hotel,” which has not yet opened either.

There is an existing underwater hotel called Jules Undersea Lodge in Florida, but it only has two rooms and requires scuba equipment to access it. Roane State professors Bruce Cantrell and Jessica Fain lived there for 73 days last year, teaching a class on the issues affecting the world’s oceans.  Which pretty much puts your study abroad program to Edinburgh to shame.