Julian Schnabel tried to shush everyone at Art Basel

Julian Schnabel

There are no illusions anymore about what Art Basel is all about: having fun, preferably with a lot of alcohol.

So imagine everyone’s surprise when famed artist, Julian Schnabel, started shushing everyone at a party given by society restauranteur Mr. Chow.

According to the Observer, it all started when Chow’s daughter, China, tried to give a little speech for her father (given that it was his party, after all). No one was paying any attention to her, so Schnabel took it upon himself to play hall monitor. He headed up to the microphone, and yelled “Could you please be quiet for five minutes? If you could just be quiet for five minutes the world would be a better place.” Zuckerberg gives $45 billion, Schnabel gives silence.

Michael Chow and China Chow
Michael Chow and China Chow

Apparently, he was so insistent upon the quiet because he wanted to recite a poem about Mr. Chow’s paintings (he did not, for the record, write said poem). After having a bit of a difficult time locating the poem on his phone, Schnabel finally read the bizarre thing, an excerpt of which went:

Michael’s paintings… They show negation.. They include everybody, if they’re ready to go. They glow. They wake us up and they say ‘let us live.’

Now that’s inspiring. Chinese dancer and the great tenor, Vittorio Grigolo  then gave actually good performances (and then Schnabel –“unrequested”– took it upon himself to sing a little too). All a bit haphazard and completely unorganized, but as Grigolo himself put it, “We are in Miami.”