You can now take a luxury cruise ship to Cuba


Anyone interested in hanging around in Miami after Art Basel is over might want to check out the MS. Saint Laurent, the first luxury cruise ship to sail from America to Cuba since the embargo began 50 years ago.

Yes, in fact, this is still illegal, however, Architectural Digest reports that the ship is taking advantage of a loophole that allows Americans to travel to Cuba for “culturally educational purposes.”

Cuba - famous mogotes karstic landscape in Vinales National Park. UNESCO World Heritage Site. Countryside view with rural home and fields.


The Cathedral of Havana and the famous nearby square on a beautiful day

Judging from the ship’s itinerary, this education includes going to a port where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492, listening to the “daily life and passions” of musicians and artisans, taking dancing classes, visiting a tobacco farm, eating traditional Cuban food and going on nature walks to look at pretty birds. None of that sounds like a vacation at alllll.



The trip is a total of ten days, and prices start at $4,599 and go up to $8,999 for the “Owners Suite.” The first trip embarks on February 11, and there are eleven additional trips scheduled throughout the year. Start practicing your Spanish!


    jesus Christ !! I can buy a house in Cuba for that price