Bugatti is now in the yacht biz


Now that Bugatti has conquered the fast car biz, the brand seems to be up for a new, even bigger challenge: crazy, sexy, luxe yachts. Having developed racing boats in the 30’s, Bugatti is returning to its roots in a way.

The renown automaker has partnered with the largest motor yacht builder, Palmer Johnson, to make magic, Bugatti said in a press release. They are building a series of open carbon fiber sport yachts that feature distinctive Bugatti design elements and materials.

The series, named “Niniette” (the pet name of the firm founder’s daughter, Lidia), will consist of three yachts ranging in size from 42 to 88 feet and with prices starting at a powerful $2.2 million dollars.

“The Palmer Johnson Niniette is the result of a maverick vision to perfect that delicate alchemy between desire and demand. Both Palmer Johnson and Bugatti share deeply held core values of reaching for what we cannot see, of reaching high to deliver the next unimagined experience, of always distancing ourselves from the herd,” says Timur Mohamed, owner of Palmer Johnson.

In that yacht, you’ll have no trouble staying far ahead of the herd.