Feast on the bizarre eating habits of the very rich

In an episode of “Seinfeld,” George tries to emulate how rich people eat. Having heard that Elaine’s hoity-toity boss, Mr. Pitt, eats his Snickers bar with a fork and knife, George begins to follow suit. The trend catches on and, no surprise, hilarity ensues.

As fascinated as we are with what rich people have in their wallets, we tend to be equally fascinated with what they put into their mouths. In that same vein, enter Tatler, which has cheekily compiled a list of “How Billionaires Eat” chronicling the ingestion peculiarities of the monied set.

Some of the more noteworthy observations include:

1. Mayor Bloomberg has been known to grab food off of other people’s plates.

2. Some rich guests follow a BYOF policy and show up to dinner parties with their own food and sparkling water.

3. Some gentry love caviar so much they have hired a private jet to fly a batch from Moscow to ]Nice. (They also have it shipped to whatever dock they are sailing their yacht to, as LLNYC learned).

4. One American wanted to emulate royalty so much that Morton’s salt just wouldn’t do; he had Maldon Sea Salt — a favorite of the Queen — flown to the States for parties.

5. The founder of extra-marital affair site, Ashley Madison, has been known to bring his truffle dealer, who carries the treat around in a pink Hello Kitty case, to parties.