The rich give better holiday presents than you do


The rich may have 99 problems, but apparently deciding what to give during the holidays ain’t one. So what do you get someone with everything? The New York Post reports the extreme gifting habits of the rich and richer this holiday season, explaining they tend to give presents that are shockingly exclusive.

While you are sadly debating about whether to regift last year’s fruit cake, a big trend of the elite this season is to present one’s peers with items that stimulate the senses, such as wine. But hold up, not just any wine. Scarecrow wine — the vineyard founded by Joseph Judson Cohn, an exec at MGM who oversaw the “Wizard of Oz” — seems to be in high demand. At $1,500 a pop or roughly $10 a sip, this nectar is what dreams are made of and apparently a Japanese tycoon recently bought five cases of it for $125,000.


Other noteworthy holiday offerings include villa stays on the French side of St. Martin — the new St. Barths — away from the riff raff. Closer to home, the rich are also flocking to Twin Farms in picturesque Vermont, which is so exclusive there isn’t even a sign out front.


Other gift choices are explained by a consultant who advises the elite on what to wear. “The 1 percent stick with great brands. I’m talking about the rich who’ve had their money a long time. I don’t deal with the new rich. They are brand-chasers.”


Classic brands coveted this season are Louboutin — their $1,500 python So Kates are “going like Christmas cookies just out of the oven!” — Celine handbags, Brioni ties, and cashmere from Loro Piana because it is “the après-ski wear of choice” in Gstaad and St. Moritz.

While you may be agonizing over what to tip your doorman, “the hyper-rich don’t get carried away when it comes to the staff.” Teachers and nannies get middle-range Michael Kors handbags and as one assistant to an entertainment mogul explains, because “guys like money” chauffeurs and male secretaries get a bonus of 15 to 20 percent, tax-free.